Basic nutrition lays the foundation for all physical performance. The BASE products complement a healthy and balanced diet and optimally support your goals.
  • Starter is the ideal oat-based meal - ideal before competition and as an easily digestible meal before intensive training.
  • Floratin offers an additional supply of 10 billion lactobacteria - as they occur in a healthy intestine.
  • A 100 ml bottle of ginger extract contains the power of 1.3 kg ginger - ideal to take away and always available.
  • The protein bar ultraPro provides the daily extra portion of protein - perfect for on the go and in between meals.

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  1. The pre-workout drink

      The valuable ingredients of Starter contribute to

      • the protection of cells against oxidative stress (selenium, vitamins B2, C, E)
      • a normal energy metabolism (biotin, vitamins B6, B2)
      • a normal carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism (chromium, biotin)
      • a normal blood sugar level (chromium)

  2. The protein bar from ultraSPORTS with 50 % protein

    • for the daily extra portion of protein
    • optimal for a low-carbohydrate diet
    • with protein from pasture cattle fed on grass
    • no sugar added, without soy protein

    Protein bar 50 % - in white sugar-free chocolate. With sweeteners (stevia and maltitol).

    • contains 10 billion bacteria (Lactobacillus rhamnosus) per daily application of 3 capsules
    • contains the nutrient oligofructose
    • recommended in phases of high athletic stress

    • 100 ml ginger extract contains 1.3 kg fresh ginger
    • ginger from the bottle is practical on the go
    • always available
    • can be optimally dosed

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