ultraSPORTS supports doping-free sport

ultraSPORTS represents the idea of fair and clean sport and offers only products that do not fall under “Doping“. Our products do not contain any prohibited substances! We help our sportsmen and women by providing intelligent sportsmen and women with guidance and advice on top performance. Prohibited means are excluded.

We minimize the risk of being tested positive for doping controls:

  • By analysis of all products and additives for anabolic steroids and prohibited stimulants. These checks are carried out in renowned anti-doping laboratories.
  • By our guarantee that no companies that produce prohormones or anabolic steroids are involved in the production process. We also obtain these from our suppliers.
  • By the nature of the manufacturing, processing and distribution process, which may prevent contact with prohormones or anabolic steroids.
Since 2001 we have had all our products checked by the laboratory and since then we have repeatedly obtained information from our suppliers. No research has ever found any anabolic-androgenic steroids. Since 2014, all products have also been tested for prohibited stimulants.

ultraSPORTS is the result of consulting for top athletes and national teams. Today many professionals use ultraSPORTS, among them numerous Olympic champions, world champions, European champions, national teams and teams as well as numerous individual athletes. These top

Claus Breinlinger

Dipl. jur Legal Department

Dr. Wolfgang Feil
Head of Research and Development