With the right nutrients you can strengthen your immune system, regenerate faster and strengthen tendons and ligaments. The following applies: The quality and the combination of nutrients decide whether you are successful with the product or not. At ultraSPORTS we therefore focus on high-quality nutrients in tested and proven combinations to support your body in its performance and health. ultraSPORTS products should therefore be your first choice. Especially if you are quality-conscious, long-term and sustainably oriented and value products with “Made in Germany”-quality.

Nutrients frequently used in sports nutrition and their raw material prices

 ultraSPORTSOft used
Protein Whey protein (~ 20 € per kg) Soy, wheat protein (~ 6 € per kg)
plant extracts plant extracts (~ 80 - 400 € per kg) not used by competitors
amino acids Arginine (~ 30 € per kg) not used by competitors