The company ultraSPORTS

Behind the brand ultraSPORTS is a medium-sized family business from the district of Tübingen. For more than 20 years now, we have seen ourselves as an innovative expert and manufacturer of high-quality sports nutrition.

In addition to energy bars, energy drinks and performance gels, the product range also includes nutritional supplements that protect against injuries and products to support optimal regeneration. With the comprehensive ultraSPORTS offer, all phases of physical performance can be optimally accompanied and supported & from active everyday life through regular training to top performance in competition.

The scientific director of ultraSPORTS, Dr. Wolfgang Feil: "Our products are based on more than 20 years of experience in advising athletes in top and popular sports as well as on the latest scientific findings."

Optimal nutrition and active sports belong inseparably together & both in recreational and competitive sports. For personal fitness and success in competition, many athletes train hard and demand a lot from their bodies. With a healthy basic diet and an adequate supply of nutrients, the body remains fit and the immune system stable. Effective protection against injuries and illnesses is at least as important for full performance. You can quickly jeopardize the entire training plan and push the sporting goals far away. With the right sports nutrition strategy, anyone can actively tackle such setbacks for quality of life and satisfaction.